OMI Sampling Capabilities

Our focus is to ensure molds are ready to run straight out of the box. OMI personnel are present at all mold samplings and carefully document all molding parameters. Those parameters are sent along with first article samples. Each mold is run for a minimum of three hours under normal molding conditions.

At OMI we partner with testing facilities who are not involved with production molding. As a result the molding machines are readily available and capable of testing multiple molds in one day.

  • All molds sampled T0-T1-T2.
  • OMI process Tech with every sampling.
  • Process setup sheet with every sampling.
  • All molds run min 3 hours non- stop.
  • Up to 3300T machines.
  • Gas Assist.
  • 3 color machines
  • Up to 2100T overmolds
  • Chillers and Thermolators